TVT Ranked 27 in A&S Security 50


   An exciting report is released on Dec, 6th that TVT is on the A&S Top 50 Security, ranked No.27 in the world, No.7 in China.


    A&S Security 50, which has been held since 2003, is one of the most comprehensive and influential reports in the industry that ranks the top security manufacturers in the world. The annual Security 50 ranking is based upon product sales revenue, gross profit, and profit margin during the previous fiscal year. It is one of the important references for evaluating the power and prestige of the security enterprises in the global market.


                                                                                      From A&S Security 50 Report

    As we can see that Chinese security enterprises is leading the development of global security market. How does TVT keep its innovation?  

    First, TVT always adheres to the sustainable innovation in technology since its establishment. To keep the advantage in innovation and quality, TVT keeps reinvesting more than 12% of its sales turnover into R&D each year and owns 300 talented engineers, more than 60% of which have been kept working in TVT for more than 3 years. The gross area of R&D center exceeds 7000 square meter. In the long term, this continuous investment will be transformed into the core competitiveness.


    Second, as the artificial intelligent era is coming, TVT keeps up with the trend of times and develops the advanced AI technology including face recognition, face comparison, smart research, behavior analytics, and scene recognition and so on.

    Based on the quality products and perfect system solutions, TVT has stood out among so many security manufacturers. In China, TVT’s security products and system solutions have been widely used in various fields, such as public security, judiciary, buildings, banks, education, health and traffic. In the overseas market, more than 120 countries and areas have been benefited by installing and using TVT’s reliable products.

    In 2017, TVT changes its market strategy and starts to promote its own brand actively. In French APS, a customer bought all TVT products on site. In Italian SICUREZZA, a customer said “A-third visitors are talking about TVT”. In Shenzhen CPSE, a customer said: “TVT will have great potentials in the future”. In Indian IFSEC2017, a customer said: “TVT is a reliable brand”….


    Looking forward to the future, TVT has already set sail smoothly, which will continue to persist in the conception of product innovation and provide customers with quality and efficient video security products and solutions. 







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